Welcome To Fairway Funding

Since its inception in 2000, Fairway Funding Group has focused on providing our family of employees a stress- free atmosphere. Our company foundation is built on honesty, integrity and transparency with a focus on the career development of our family partners.

We know that our support staff, loan officers and branch managers are the core and heartbeat of the business.  Working together in harmony as a family unit allows each member the ability to provide and receive the support of the entire family, working together with one common goal resulting in a unique partnership that is focused on the growth of you and the entire company.

Accountability and development  provides a unique and enjoyable experience not only for the clients but for our referral partners.  Our unique process keeps all parties interactive and updated during the entire transaction. A smooth, efficient transaction is a happy transaction and a happy transaction results in more referrals and a stronger relationship with the referral partners.

Anyone can do just enough to get by, but Fairway Funding Group has always been driven to do more. Work harder. Put in that extra hour. Do more research. Get more loan products. Provide more tools and support. Streamline the process.


"Fairness isn't giving everyone the same thing. The Fair-Way is to give each person what they need to be successful!"


"Collaboration divides the task and multiplies the success."

Success is a collaborative effort towards a common goal. Together as a unified unit we work towards providing ongoing and evolving support. Our process is streamlined and stressless, allowing you more time to work on building your referral business. Our unique sales process will strengthen your relationship with clients and referral partners and allow you to grow and expand within the company.

Collaboration is a way to share ideas and values. We value your input, ideas and knowledge and have been building the company based on the input of our family and partners for over 15 years.

"Communication is the human connection that is key to
personal and career success."


Healthy internal communication is central to the success of any company, as it provides greater operational efficiency, increased sales, and a more satisfying company culture. At Fairway Funding Group we thrive on communication. We understand that when you have a question you need an answer right away, not next week or a month from now.

Communication and responsiveness is the epicenter of business, the foundation of trust. This trust builds involvement, relationships and business.


Our blend of communication includes technology and personal interaction, offering you the perfect
mix to be steps ahead of your competition.


Back End Support

"To be the best, means you have to work harder, do more and
have a process of accountability that starts at the very top."


The Process


Our process is designed  to be stress-free and to keep you free to do what you do best, to write more loans. The back end support team understands that you are the core of the company and they work hard to assist you in building your business. Jeff and his team of professionals focus on getting your deals to the closing table ahead of schedule.

The loans are previewed to ensure proper structure, processed and underwritten in-house with a focus on closing dates. All systems are updated daily to keep you and the others involved in the transaction up-to-date on the process of their file.

Say no to voicemail! The support team is there to do just that, support you. They are there to answer the phone and quickly resolve any questions or issues you may have with a file. That means you will never go to voicemail unless they are on the line helping one of your team members. But even then you can be assured they will call you right back.

Our process is based on a family/partnership environment where everyone is involved in the growth and advancement of each member, this provides extraordinary customer and affiliate service with a focus on the growth of the company.  So your success is everyone's success.

The Products


We carry a full range of products from FHA to Non-Qm, Conventional to Foreign National, and many more. We know the products needed in order to be successful and we make sure you have them in your arsenal. Our underwriting reduces overlays while allowing us to provide some exceptional financing. We do FHA financing down to 580 score and conventional down to 620. Our Fresh Start Portfolio Non-Qm provides financing for those fresh out of foreclosure or bankruptcy to obtain the financing they need.

From Jumbo to private money, we have you covered.


A Message From The President

A Culture of Family and Partners


“As a Company, we consider our staff not only family but partners.  And unlike other companies, we put family/partners first. We consistently work and evolve the infrastructure to provide the support, training, help, and tools to help build their business and advance their careers. If we continue to put them first and value their input, I know they will provide exceptional customer service and a memorable experience for all parties, while forging a path destined for success.”

A Personal Note


As an avid golfer, I know that to be good at the game takes practice and determination. If something is not working right, it may take an adjustment in my stance or a change of my grip on the club.

I use this same philosophy in running Fairway Funding Group. I am consistently looking for ways to be better at what we do. I strive to be better than par.


Benefits Of Joining Us

In- House Underwriting


- Better Flexibility

- Reduced Overlays

- Faster Turnaround

- Timely Closings


- Close more deals

- Better Pricing

- More Referrals

Family Atmosphere


- More Communication

- Accountability

- Superior Customer Service

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